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Open Source Projects that have incorporated VulnCheck KEV or NVD++

Project NameDescriptionVulnCheck KEVNVD++
Code & Golang CLI UtilityA CLI Utility for VulnCheck KEV & NVD++VC-KEVNVD++
CVE PrioritizerCVE_Prioritizer is a powerful tool that helps you prioritize vulnerability patching by combining CVSS, EPSS, and CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities.-NVD++
cvss-btEnriching the NVD CVSS scores to include Temporal/Threat MetricsVC-KEV-
PowerBI DashboardVulnCheck KEV PowerBI DashboardVC-KEV-
Risk-Based PrioritizationYour guide to navigating the treacherous journey of software vulnerabilities and standards to effectively prioritize by RiskVC-KEV-
SploitScanSploitScan is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to streamline the process of identifying exploits for known vulnerabilities and their respective exploitation probabilityVC-KEV-
VC KEV DashboardExplore VulnCheck KEV CVEsVC-KEV-