Providing Fixed Version in OS package manager support

We’ve added a fixed_version field to all of the open source library package manager backups. This field is the version of the package that fixes the vulnerability. This is useful for determining if a package is vulnerable to a specific vulnerability. Here is an example

  "vulnerabilities": [
      "detection": "CVE-2019-1000007",
      "fixed_version": "0.10.3"

New package types support for PURL

We now support the following package types for PURLs:

  • Java Maven
  • PHP Composer
  • Ruby Gems
  • Rust Cargo

View the PURL reference

New Index: ABB Vulnerability Database

ABB vulnerabilities refer to security flaws that can be exploited in products and systems developed by ABB, a multinational technology company. These vulnerabilities can potentially lead to unauthorized access, manipulation of data, and disruption of critical infrastructure.

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New Index: AlmaLinux Errata Vulnerabilities

AlmaLinux is a popular community-driven Linux distribution that is built as a replacement for CentOS, which was recently discontinued by Red Hat. Like any other operating system, AlmaLinux is not immune to vulnerabilities and security flaws. Errata vulnerabilities refer to security issues that have been identified in a software system and require a patch or update to fix them. AlmaLinux has a dedicated team that constantly monitors for errata vulnerabilities and releases patches and updates to ensure that the system remains secure.

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New Index: Alpine Linux Security Database

The Alpine Linux Security Database is a public repository that maintains a comprehensive list of security vulnerabilities that have been identified in the Alpine Linux distribution. This database is an essential resource for Alpine Linux users who want to stay informed about potential security threats and vulnerabilities. The database provides detailed information about each security issue, including its severity level, affected components, and recommended fixes. Additionally, the Alpine Linux Security Team regularly updates the database with new vulnerabilities and patches, ensuring that users have access to the latest information and recommendations for securing their systems. The Alpine Linux Security Database is a critical component of the distribution's security infrastructure, and its transparency and accessibility reflect the project's commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of its users' systems.

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New Index: Amazon Linux Security Center

The Amazon Linux Security Center is a dedicated portal that provides users of Amazon Linux with a central location for information related to security on the platform. The security center includes access to documentation, guidance, and best practices to help users configure and secure their Amazon Linux environments. The center also provides access to the Amazon Linux AMI vulnerability database, which lists all known security vulnerabilities affecting the operating system, as well as information on how to mitigate each vulnerability.

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New Index: Apple Security Updates

Apple regularly releases security updates to address vulnerabilities in its operating systems, software applications, and devices. These updates are critical for maintaining the security of Apple products and protecting users from potential cyber threats. Apple encourages users to promptly install security updates to ensure that their devices are protected against known vulnerabilities and to stay vigilant against potential new threats.

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