Vulncheck Kev

Attribution Notice

Leveraging VulnCheck KEV and the data in it, in your own production, solution, or service, is easy to do at no additional cost, but requires prominent attribution to VulnCheck.

The terms and conditions of using VulnCheck KEV, its data in whole or in part, either publicly or in cybersecurity product or service, requires prominent attribution to VulnCheck. However, other than this requirement, no additional costs are required.

VulnCheck KEV Attribution Example

We've created this example to demonstrate how VulnCheck KEV can easily be integrated with proper attribution within a cybersecurity product or service.

Attribution Example

VulnCheck KEV Attribute Mapping

VulnCheck KEV attributes are conveniently mapped to this image for easy reference during integration into your product.

Attribution Example

If you have questions about VulnCheck KEV data in whole or in part, in one or more cybersecurity products at your company, please reach out to VulnCheck at to receive additional details on the attribution requirements. Including VulnCheck KEV in your open source or commercial product is meant to be free and not incur additional costs, we simply ask for prominent attribution.

Thank you.