Cisco ASA

VulnCheck Initial Access Intelligence improves Cisco ASA deployments by providing real-time IP Address data via our Tags API.

Customers of Cisco ASA who purchase a VulnCheck Initial Access Intelligence license are able to leverage Cisco's Dynamic Block List (DBL) functionality to block attacker Command & Control (C2) infrastructure detected by VulnCheck.

Working with Dynamic Block Lists in Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA provides an easy to use custom list functionality for Cisco ASA FirePOWER, which may be used with third-party intelligence providers like VulnCheck.

For more information on these features from Cisco see: Configure IP Blacklisting while Using Cisco Security Intelligence through ASDM

Block VulnCheck C2 Detections with Cisco ASA

You can use any third-party IP database for the custom list for which Firepower module contacts the third party server to fetch the IP address list. In order to configure this, navigate to Configuration > ASA FirePOWER Configuration > Object Management > SecurityIntelligence > Network Lists and Feeds

Then in the Feed URL input box, simply add: