API Overview

All available v3 API resources


VulnCheck API endpoints are optimized for programmatic access and deliver JSON machine-readable data.

VulnCheck indices can be accessed using either the backup endpoint, which provides a complete copy of the index for download, or the index endpoint, which provides a paginated list of documents and can be used to query individual records.

A list of the 'index' and 'backup' API endpoints that you have access to, can be found in the VulnCheck API Sandbox located in the VulnCheck dashboard.

First Steps

  1. Sign up for a VulnCheck Account. This will give you immediate access to our community resources.
  2. Log into the VulnCheck Dashboard.
  3. Click on the API Sandbox to explore the VulnCheck indexes that you have permission to access.
  4. Generate a token for programmatic API access.

API Details

All API methods use https://api.vulncheck.com/ for the base URL.

GET/v3/backupReturn a list of backups with endpoint links
GET/v3/backup/{index}Request a link to the backup of an index
GET/v3/indexReturn a list of indexes with endpoint links
GET/v3/index/{index}Retrieve a paginated list of documents from the index of your choice
GET/v3/index/{index}/cursorCursor-based pagination of all documents from the index of your choice
GET/v3/cpeRequest vulnerabilities related to a CPE
GET/v3/purlRequest vulnerabilities related to a PURL
GET/v3/tags/{tag}Return a list of newline separated IP addresses based on a tag
GET/v3/openapiRetrieve the current OpenAPI Specification (OAS)

API Example Request

curl --request GET \
    --url https://api.vulncheck.com/v3/backup/initial-access \
    --header 'Accept: application/json' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer insert_token_here'