VulnCheck includes integrations with many popular cybersecurity products & tools.

VulnCheck wants to make it as easy as possible to integrate into your favorite security tools. Below is a list of tools with integrations today, but we are always looking to expand. If you work with a tool that VulnCheck should be integrated with, please contact us at

Below are some of our most popular integrations.

Next Generation (NG) Firewalls

VulnCheck Initial Access Intelligence's IP Intelligence features are available in major Next Generation Firewalls by leveraging their External Block List (EBL) or Dynamic Block List (DBL) native functionality. Supported NG Firewalls include:

CompanyProductIntegration GuideLicensed APICommunity API
CheckpointQuantum Security GatewayVulnCheck in Checkpoint Quantum Security Gatewaytruefalse
CiscoASAVulnCheck in Cisco ASAtruefalse
FortinetFortiGateVulnCheck in Fortinet FortiGatetruefalse
Palo Alto NetworksNGFWVulnCheck in Palo Alto Networks NGFWtruefalse